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  • thanks ! its unexpected hope it will happen.

    janmar24 Dec 22 '15, 8:35AM
  • Unexpected I hope it will be something incredible

    des4life Mar 24 '13, 10:01PM
  • Oh my gosh this quiz is so accurate! it says: "unexpected" and i just saw a friend that i haven't seen in 9 monthes!

    rotflmaster Mar 15 '13, 4:29PM
  • Funny, my "unexpected" thing already happened.

    No_L Mar 9 '13, 2:56PM
  • (I made this quiz)
    I would just like to say thanks again for getting it #8 on the top quiz list, and having it stay there for so long. Over 2,000 people have taken this quiz so far and the most common result is "unexpected".
    Than ks again! :)

    AlexTheCat Feb 11 '13, 11:23PM
  • brighter! i hope so :)

    Sammy2thirds Feb 8 '13, 4:35PM
  • Unexpected well better than lonesome

    des4life Feb 4 '13, 5:26PM
  • I'm commenting cause I must level up...

    But nice quiz!

    sydthekid200 Feb 3 '13, 11:45PM
  • i rated 10

    schoolgal Feb 3 '13, 7:48AM
  • I am the creator of the quiz. Thanks everyone for taking/rating!

    T he only way to get Dismal/Lonesome is if you chose "looks" over "personality" and/or chosen one of the last two results on the 9th question...

    AlexTheCat Feb 1 '13, 2:28AM
  • Your future is dismal. It is a cheerless, dim, desolate one. You may become victim to a life you do not truly want. This is the worst kind of future. All hope is not lost, however, because these are only challenges you will get through. Good luck!

    Well that's wonderful ;)

    em2250 Jan 30 '13, 6:32PM
  • I got unexpected...hm...I 'm not really sure what to make of that. But still, good quiz!

    Fallout3 Jan 29 '13, 5:09PM
  • I got unexpected!
    A momentous event.... perhaps I will be kidnapped? or I will win the lottery? or, or I don't know. Something AMAZING!!!

    Fey Jan 28 '13, 12:59AM
  • I got unexpected. *thinks for a moment* :\ Well, I do have a few years to go before I'm sure of my future....

    ICEE CHILL Jan 27 '13, 10:28PM
  • Thanks, that maid me feel so good since my life is so frustrating with my mom and little brothers! Grrrrr.... Oh, sorry, by the way I got brightened or whatever.

    chocolate127 Jan 27 '13, 10:07PM
  • I love this, oh and by the way i will post the message above because i want to see if it works. I already posted this once.

    jjdj Jan 26 '13, 4:38PM
  • I got: Bountiful

    I'm honored to get that result!

    Bison Jan 26 '13, 4:09PM
  • Your Result: Bountiful

    Your future is bright, magnificent, beautiful! Soon your dreams will become reality at a surprising time, and you will prosper. You will have the time of your life.

    So Leom was right... >:D Dang...Now I owe him 20 bucks.

    LittleRosie Jan 26 '13, 4:06PM
  • Your Result: Unexpected

    Your future will surprise you! The details are not clear, but a momentous event will soon occur in your life. Everything about your life will change, but not in the bad way!

    This was amazing :)

    LemonLime Jan 26 '13, 3:49PM
  • Dismal?

    XxVaviviciousxX Jan 26 '13, 4:56AM
  • Unexpected. Hm

    tenten16 Jan 25 '13, 9:47PM
  • Brighter. This actually did make me feel a teeny bit better.

    Firey_Soul Jan 25 '13, 6:01PM

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