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  • teacher yuck id be terrible at that nature photographer creature adventurer thats me

    united states Jul 23 '13, 12:27AM
  • Criminal


    You enjoy the rush of getting down and dirty. You're not afraid of getting in trouble, as you have been many times. You often take matters into your own hands and don't care what the outcome may be.

    So my grandma was right, it seems... (=_=")

    heyho12 Jul 9 '13, 7:11AM
  • People should stop complaining about whatever job they want to have not being there, I mean you can only add 10 results to a quiz, so all the jobs on the planet are not obviously there.

    AlexTheCat Jun 16 '13, 5:04AM
  • Teacher? That is a good job but there were no science results! I was hoping for a quantum mechanic but a scientist would have been nice. I liked how you did the questions though. 8 out of 10.

    squatter May 31 '13, 12:40AM
  • I want to be a singer/actor!! NOT a teacher!!..

    BadBihh Apr 29 '13, 9:07AM
  • Im a dare devil to me im just a devil lol

    hannahweston1 Apr 27 '13, 1:42PM
  • My dream job would be
    A) fashion designer/model

    B) author
    I dont see EITHER of those up there

    Godess101 Apr 17 '13, 10:17PM
  • I don't happen to see 'fashion designer' anywhere, does anyone else?

    ravenpear111 Apr 7 '13, 10:33PM
  • im a dareDevil a teacher a celebrity a maneger a hiphop artist a pro atlthe an actress a chef an author

    Ericaj123 Dec 2 '12, 8:17PM
  • i got manager but i want to be a air force pilot

    jacbow2 Nov 30 '12, 7:26PM
  • i got a singer!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! :D

    ilovedc Nov 25 '12, 6:22PM
  • There's never a 'Pet Photographer' or 'Baker/Confectioner ' option :(

    tabham Nov 21 '12, 4:04PM
  • i always get teacher!

    afsana Nov 6 '12, 1:52PM
  • i'm gonna be a criminal...

    Soun ds fun to me

    CriminalMind Oct 15 '12, 5:15AM
  • My result was a criminal! Me A CRIMAIAL!!!! I dont think i could commit a crime let alone have the gut to do it.

    InnocentChick16 Sep 4 '12, 7:16AM
  • I got teacher, thats a nice one, but I was reeeeeelly hoping to be an actor or singer :(

    GymnastGirl Aug 26 '12, 11:12AM
  • Why is engineer almost never a result?

    Appayipyip42 Aug 23 '12, 9:46PM
  • Ew, I would never want to be a teacher, I hate kids. I want to be a singer.

    VisualFetish Aug 23 '12, 1:23AM
  • Actor
    You are very independent. You are the ruler of the roost. You tend to think only of youself and put your superiors down. You are very popular among the people you deem important, but watch out because what goes around comes around. You have a good fashion sense and make sure your ideas are heard and understood. You tend to always get your way and don't care what others say about you.

    Dare Devil

    HECK YEAH i got rid of Teacher finally

    Miss Gyllenhaal Jul 2 '12, 11:04AM
  • Teacher!!! Heck no

    graceface Jun 12 '12, 10:19PM
  • Your Result: Teacher

    You like molding young minds and seeing the joy on kids' faces when they understand what you have taught them! Although you do not like doing certain tasks yourself, you enjoy helping people accomplish their goals. You prefer to be the helper rather than the helpee.

    Dare Devil

    What the HELL!? I hate kids. I wanted to be a marine biologist? How do those even relate??

    idressup333 Jun 12 '12, 9:00PM
  • Whenever I take these types of quizzes, I always get Teacher! I guess that's just my calling... :/

    PurpleCherries Jun 12 '12, 1:09AM

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