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  • Yup, manager. 78%.

    Confederate Feb 6 '18, 2:08PM
  • It said I'm going to be an assistant! Nuh-uh! I can take charge of my life and start my own company! That is not even close to right! I would be a lawyer, prosecuting attorney, or judge! I will never be an assistant!

    LunaSunnyRex Jun 6 '16, 7:53PM
  • CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!
    W HAT. WHY.

    Jane345 May 12 '16, 10:29PM
  • TEACHER???????????? ????????? WHAT???????????????

    SuperMinecraft Mar 6 '16, 1:20PM
  • I always wanted to be a professional wrestler and instead I am gonna be a Manager...please tell me this quiz isn't accurate..my damn result You are very good at whatever you set your mind to and you always get your way. Although you have many enemies, you are more focused on you than what other people say. It doesn't affect you when something goes wrong, you just pick up the pieces and keep going. You handle stress very well and you never look back or

    Deadbush123 Jan 12 '16, 3:14PM
  • Teacher....hum that would defs suit me! :)
    Good job on the quiz.

    JellyBely26 Dec 2 '15, 12:48AM
  • Doctor wasnt if the list... got teacher.... darn with the economy today this isbt a fun job.

    CandyCrush14 Oct 17 '15, 1:04PM
  • Singer YEAH

    Hello Peps Apr 18 '15, 4:10PM
  • wanted to be a singer got a singer

    Hello Peps Apr 18 '15, 4:09PM
  • Teacher? Well, not what I expected. I wanted to be a veterinarian. Oh well. If you would like to check out my 2 quizzes they are, What will your dream home look like? and How well do you know the Bible? Thanks if you do!! BTW, the dream home quiz is mostly like a personality/house/e nvironment around you quiz. TTYL!!!

    tomboy555 Nov 22 '14, 10:00PM
  • Assistant lol

    stevierockz Oct 24 '14, 9:14PM
  • I got 88% daredevil but I want be an actor

    amberleechoo Oct 12 '14, 10:20AM
  • Probably got this cuz I'm a nigga I got:Criminal.

    Elijah Marlowe Oct 9 '14, 6:36AM
  • i will be a teacher cool

    jubilee Jul 27 '14, 1:13PM
  • yah!!!!!! military dare devil!!!!!

    onedirection123 Mar 16 '14, 5:40PM
  • Actor

    Sandyten123 Feb 9 '14, 11:16AM
  • Did anyone notice that each of these choices had typos, were socially unacceptable, etc.? Please don't base your future choices on such a "quiz". If you don't like someone, would you "kill them" or "get someone else to kill them". Jeez!

    chickenfoot88 Jan 21 '14, 1:15PM
  • Teacher! Perfect.

    Evelyn333 Jan 5 '14, 4:43PM
  • An actor? Seriously?

    Vira Dash Dec 29 '13, 11:42AM
  • Manager. OMG so accurate OuO Make more quizzes

    UnLovingPlus Dec 9 '13, 3:51AM
  • im not going to be a teacher... im going to be vet and ill sing too. people have told me i have a good voice and i love and love to care for animals. but thts a while away cause im only 11 lol

    hey2376 Aug 7 '13, 2:44AM
  • teacher yuck id be terrible at that nature photographer creature adventurer thats me

    united states Jul 23 '13, 12:28AM

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