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  • What will I be when i grow up? (for kids)
    Your Result: Author 81%

    You will be a successful author who writes interesting books and earns a generous amount of money. You will be hard working and people will enjoy the books you write.

    I agree with ThatOneGirl87! I've been writing stories since I was 5 (I'm 11) and I've wanted tobe an author for ages!

  • Omg- this is actually really accurate. Ive always dreamt of being an author (Im 15) and I love to write mini stories (mainly fanfics off my favorite books)

    • Yes, I got author too!

    • Same!!

    • Same! I love writing stories and reading its so fun and Ive wanted to be one since I was little I know most people have wanted to be one then they dont but thats not me

    • Guys can you play a quiz that I make it will be about your boyfriend or girlfriend

      India Diwali

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