What will I be when i grow up? (for kids)

Ever been curious to find out what your career will be when you grow up? Well, now you can. There are many different jobs out there and this quiz only has some of them so the results may not be accurate.

You are just a minute away from discovering what job your future holds for you. I hope you enjoy the quiz and the results you get. Comment on it and tell me what you think!

Created by: Florence
  1. What is your favourite subject in school?
  2. What is your hobby?
  3. Which animal do you prefer?
  4. Do you care more about the money you get than the fun you have?
  5. What do your friends think of you as?
  6. Read the letters and choose one. Quick!
  7. How is life at this very moment in time?
  8. What is your favourite colour?
  9. What kind of people do you hang out with?
  10. Where do you want to live?

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