What You Will Be When You Grow Up?

Everybody wonders; what am I good at? What should I be when I grow up? Is the career choice I pick good for me? Will I be able to stick with it? Will I like it?

Well, this quiz lets you see what you could be! Do not worry, it does not tell the future, so you will probably not become this. But it's just a fun quiz to see what it takes to have the skills to be this career.

Created by: lois
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your friend passes out. You:
  2. You are bored. You:
  3. What's your opinion on school?
  4. You are in line at Mcdonalds, and the person in front is taking forever. You:
  5. You have a project due. You:
  6. Which summer job would you have?
  7. Do you plan to start a family?
  8. If so, how many kids?
  9. You have a choice to pick what type of project you do. You:
  10. Your brothers graduation party is on the same day as your friends awesome party. What do you do?

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