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  • Bold not cold
    "Thank you all so much my friends and I are already in a poetry competition and are winning by a lot of votes. The competition is for school ..."
  • Another venting thread
    "Your not alone Remember that you are beautiful just the way you are and small things can change your life My friends and I wrote"
  • Bold not cold
    "She stands in front of the mirror Hours and hours Reminded by all the mean comments Oh so sour Beware the ins"
  • Bold not cold
    "This is a poem my friends and I made about insecurity’s and being bullied because I have been bullied from the start of the year by this guy"
  • Design your wedding!
    "Season- Early spring Day- a Wednesday (bc that’s a very special day to me personally) Weather- the day after a rain shower (when"
  • to my future spouse
    "Hello I like jello"
  • Whats your crushs name
    "My crush’s name is ✨Owen Dodd✨! I’ve known his since 3rd grade and we were best friends. He has always made me feel accepted and I was think"
  • Whats your crushs name
    "This thread is so that people can give you advice on all the things you are feeling from their personal experience. This is also just so you..."
  • "I’m comfortable being shipped with my crush ✨Owen Dodd✨ we have know each other since 3rd grade but lost touch, recently when I was at youth"

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