What Will Happen To You After School?

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The world is a big, scary place. Yes, it is. How will you cope? Will you manage to survive? Sadly, no-one can really tell until along comes experience.

To find out whether you're a gold-digger or a gold-digger on £1.50 a week, take this quiz that's fun, simple and entertaining along the way...a bit like me! :D

Created by: Graham. of msn
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  1. To start off, are you a hardworker on a scale of 1-10? (1=Lazy. 10=A bit too hardworking.
  2. What is your strongest subject out of these?
  3. Do you like bossing people around?
  4. Close your eyes and imagine the future. In ten years how do you see yourself?
  5. Answer honestly, how smart are you?
  6. Let's continue with a story. You're off to work on a Monday morning. You...
  7. How do you dress on the average day?
  8. You are given an oppurtunity to get a job you have been longing over for nearly ten years - but it means moving to anywhere in London. You go to...
  9. What is your current home like?
  10. Result time! Here goes!

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