How good are you at basketball?

There are many great basketball players, but only few will able to make through their high school, college basketball. A player will continue playing basketball will make great things happen.

Are you a great basketball player? Do you have a skills to show your coach(s) and able to make your team up to a new level. Push your self to the best, GREAT THINGS HAPPEN.

Created by: Frank
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Can you dribble?
  2. Can you shoot?(3 pointer, mid-range, & the box)
  3. Can you rebound?
  4. Can you steal?
  5. Can you block shot?
  6. Do you have soild defense?(on ball & off ball)
  7. Can you pass?
  8. Can you do a lay-up or jumpstop?
  9. How long have you play basketball?(on team)
  10. What level are you?

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Quiz topic: How good am I at basketball?