Will you have a good life

There are people who are happy to live and others who just say "when i grow up i wanna be rich" this will tell you what will happen and what you will do to make it happen

Are YOU looking for a good life. If so see how and why bye taking this quiz. A quick 10 question test but accurate enough to tell you what will happen.

Created by: jack
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are You In College?
  2. Do you get scared to be around people?
  3. Do you know alot about economics?
  4. Are You Happy to just live. (is a house and car and possibly family good enough for you)
  5. What is your sterotype?
  6. Do You Like Working with other people?
  7. Are You nice?
  8. Do you like reading insructions?
  9. Are you wealthy
  10. Are you good at resoning?

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Quiz topic: Will I have a good life