how good/crappy is your life?

see how your life is and take this quiz 3 possible answers cure your boredom heere for a few seconds or maybe a minute or two!! wooohhhoooooo also compare your life to what it could have been, so be thankfull for what you have or try your best to make yourself happy again... just mumbling on here please iggnore...

hope you score ok =] remember whatever lifestyle you have theres always someone whos got it worse x good luck in all you try have fun in life bite anyone who tries to wreck the happy times [make tea not war] <3 be happy kiddos

Created by: kayley

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you live with your parents?
  2. love life?
  3. do you have pets?
  4. brothers/sisters?
  5. job?
  6. ever wanted to commit suicide?
  7. ever had your heart broke?
  8. do you have many friends?
  9. any illnesses?
  10. what has hurt you most?

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Quiz topic: How good/crappy is my life?