Which Band Instrument Are You?

Being in a high school band for years will leave a lasting impression on someone. Someone who has also been in band for years can probably pick the other one out. "Hey ... you played trumpet, didn't you?" may not have ever been said to you in your entire lifetime, but I have witnessed it happen. And that person laughed a very loud laugh as they exclaimed, "Yes! How the heck did you know?!"

So whether you're a young whipper snapper curious about which instrument you should try, a smart ass high school student trying to see if I really can guess anything about you, or someone who had always wondered about instruments, this is your quiz.

Created by: Jessica
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  1. How would you describe your hands?
  2. Take a deep breath, put your hand about five inches from your face, and blow on your hand until you can no longer feel a steady stream of air. Time how long it takes you to run out of air.
  3. So tell me, what outfit are you most likely to wear?
  4. What kind of concert would you be most likely to attend?
  5. When you go to a party, who are you?
  6. Which habit do you find yourself doing?
  7. So say you DID attend a classical concert or musical ... how do you feel?
  8. Have you ever played a piano?
  9. But really, which instrument do YOU see yourself playing?
  10. And how do you feel about valves/keys? (They're the things you push to get different noises, FYI)

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Quiz topic: Which Band Instrument am I?