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  • Which Band Instrument Are You?
    Your Result: Saxophone 92%

    Without you and your trumpet buddy, there would be a heck of a lot less jazz in the world. You're an individualist with soul to spare. You can probably appreciate most styles of music because you just have a love for it.

    84% You just love music.
    49% Flute/Clarinet
    43% Percussion
    23% Band ...? Meh.
    18% Trombone
    15% Tuba/Bass
    5% Trumpet
    well I do play Tenor Sax

  • tuba/bass. interesting. . . I plat baritone, and I used to play trumpet, but it didn't work so I switched to baritone and now I love band more than ever!

  • Dafuq. Where's the lead guitar??! I play lead for the metal band Killed In Action. I got band...meh. Got the listening to death metal part right though.

  • Apparantly I "just love music and not partial to any instrument"? Yes, or maybe the piano... #scoffs in Rachmaninoff Prelude in G#

  • Thank you for this quiz! I got trombone and i actually play a baritone! unfortuntally baritones are highly mistreated so i wasnt expecting it. Anyways, it was very close!

    Emily Brown
  • I play bassoon but it says I should play saxophone

    • Same here!

  • I got saxophone, but I play flute...

  • LOL This is awesome! I got bass, and I Play BASS CLARINET at my school :D

    • LOLOLOLOL I play the BASS CLARINET too oh my good we should toats hang sometime. I got sax tho it is sooooo sad. But lets totally HANG OUT and play some sensual BASS CLARINET togetjer ALL THE TIME

    • Which Band Instrument Are You?
      Your Result: Flute/Clarinet 89%

      If you're a male and you get this result, don't be ashamed, because there are many males who play these instruments. That being said, you could give a hoot less about bass, you probably don't listen to rock music, and you enjoy playing the melody or uplifting accompaniments. Your long, agile fingers will come in handy here.

      74% You just love music.
      69% Saxophone
      47% Trumpet
      18% Trombone
      15% Tuba/Bass
      9% Percussion
      0% Band ...? Meh.
      I play fluteeee :))))


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