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  • Earth-handers aren't afraid of hard work, and you might even be the leader in a group if it means getting your hands dirty. You might be sensible and practical. You might be a person a lot of people can rely on. You might be impatient to get your work done fast, but you never give up. Sorry if the description doesn't fit you.

    Nah, I think you got it right... I'm hard working, I can be impatient when it comes to work, I never give up easily, I'm sensible and practical, and I have spatula-tipped fingers, and my palm is broad (and longer than my fingers).

    Sir Claymore
  • Air hand,I do get bored very easily and like to be adventurous and fun seeking. I also am a bit picky about people due to trust issues so I like being a loner more. Cool quiz mate.

  • Thank you! I got a book called Palmistry by:Lisa Trumbauer from a kid from school. It's pretty old, it was made in 2001, and you don't think you'll find it at the library. But you might find other palmistry books.

  • I got air hand. Seems accurate.

    I have always wanted to do palm readings, how do you do it? I know there are certain lines and other stuff. I can read hand shapes,(kind of) only. Cool Quiz.

  • Water hand. This mostly describes me. This quiz is way cool! I do palm reading sometimes... or I just look at a person's hands. Your hands can say a lot about you.

  • I got a water hand. Very accurate!

  • Earth hand my born element is air but earth describes me amazing well. Well done you!

  • air hands great describitions.

    Beautiful Games

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