What type of hand do you have?

There are a lot of people with different types of hands. Lots see whets hand type you have! Thanks for taking this quiz. Fly, frog, cat, dog, pig, fox.

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Created by: NeonHedgehog
  1. Are your fingers short?
  2. Do you have a rectangular palm?
  3. Are you okay with getting dirty?
  4. Do you LOVE excitement?! XD
  5. Would people say you're funny?
  6. Are you a poet, artist, or romantic?
  7. Are you honest? And don't lie!
  8. Are you athletic?
  9. Do you like to play on the computer or other technological stuff?
  10. Do you daydream a lot?
  11. Sorry, if it's really inaccurate but this is supposed to be palm reading, so it's easier if I can see your hands for real.

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Quiz topic: What type of hand do I have?