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  • Yay i,my vampire like my friend August that bit mearly when I was not looking

    ABCDEFGH Mar 3 '19, 6:02PM
  • awesome! I'm a witch!

    Ms_Musix Jul 1 '13, 3:19PM
  • Half demon! But I do look like my dad and act like him too.

    AnonymousUser000 Aug 13 '12, 7:11AM
  • vampire =)

    oct451 May 20 '10, 4:49PM
  • 1stVampire,2ndWarew olf,3rdHuman. Should I start drinking blood? But I can get some kind of damn disease... :)

    Rafal88022505435 Dec 29 '09, 6:43AM
  • half demon?! holy crap! pretty cool

    heroes_fann96 Dec 29 '09, 2:39AM
  • Druid! Cool! I read the discription but still don't quite understand.

    gazzalou Dec 28 '09, 4:42PM
  • Mm. Human. Boring....

    MorganTheGirl Dec 28 '09, 3:29PM
  • Werewolf!!

    tayamarie123 Dec 28 '09, 1:54PM

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