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  • I got Mary...I agree with being bitter and stubborn, but I hate the name Mary.

  • Ava...? Sorry, I am not very lifelike,Im pretty dark

    Hunter farms
  • Mary...?

    Sorry, but I'm more of the agreeable one, and the mature one, the one who parents my own siblings, even if I am the youngest! ^w^

    Sorry to say, but I found your quiz inaccurate! :c

    Maybe try not to offend the quiz taker? It didn't offend me, but it seems like it offended other quiz takers! :3

    Bye! ^w^

  • Your result: Mary 66%

    Because your bitter your the queen of bitterness.

    Holy heck?!?!? Im am so kind and funny... is this because I said your quiz was "eh". Wow the girl that made this is SOOOO immature, getting her feelings hurt by me saying "eh" and then being like sorry your so BITTER... this quiz SUCKS.

  • Ava...

    Me and my brother play a game where we call each other by our names backwards, but if my name was Ava, my name would STILL be Ava is you put it backwards.