What Elemental are you?

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This quiz is... well... its littarly just for you... i was just really bored... and i think its pretty fun doing quiz's :D i hope you like it! i hope you get the nature elemental! (the nature elemental is the nicest elemental)

Don't forget, if u don't like your result you can always re-do it! :D i REALLY hope you will enjoy this quiz... it took me a long time making it, so i hope it pays off! haha

Created by: Troja2013
  1. What is your star sign?
  2. What do you love doing?
  3. What Elemental do you want to be? (will affect score a tiny bit)
  4. Which one would you like to do?
  5. What kind of news would u read?
  6. What kind of super power do u think is the best?
  7. What planet in our solar system do u like the most?
  8. what is your favourite colour?
  9. (answer this if you play minecraft) What block looks the best?
  10. Do you get angry easily?
  11. Did u like this quiz? (wont effect your score)

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Quiz topic: What Elemental am I?