Which Faction From the Danish Constituent Assembly Are You?

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In this quiz you will given a few questions about political issues relating to the Danish Constituent Assembly of 1849. You should then answer what you agree with.

Remember that the questions in this quiz were political debates more than 150 years ago, and as a result might sound a little outlandish to your modern political understanding.

Created by: Andefar
  1. Should the King have the right to appoint a set amount of members to the Constituent Assembly?
  2. Should there be universal male suffrage?
  3. Should men of all classes be required to do conscription, or should it remain that only men from the farming class are required?
  4. Should Denmark seek to annex the Duchy of Schleswig or remain with status quo of a personal union?
  5. Was it right to implement freedom of religion in Denmark?
  6. Should Denmark have a unicameral or a bicameral system?
  7. Should the king have a veto right over laws passed by parliament?
  8. Should a commission to work out how to abolish tenant farming, and move towards complete self-ownership for farmers, be established?
  9. Was it a mistake to abolish royal absolutism?
  10. If there is to be an upper chamber, should election be direct or indirect?

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Quiz topic: Which Faction From the Danish Constituent Assembly am I?