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  • Your score is 100%

    OUTSTANDING : What?! The quiz was way too easy? I wouldnt be surprised to learn that you read all the books and watched all the movies. You know so much about the wizarding world that you and Hermione could be BFF's!

    Watched the movies thousands of times and read all the books twice. And yes me and Hermione could hit it off, from our (mine is only slightly) bushy hair to our perfectionism!

  • It was pretty easy, (100%)

    and YES Hermione is the B-E-S-T of all the characters closely followed though by Sirius and then Snape. :) (except they died :========( I still cry. ) and I think we could be besties.

    rubber paw
  • OH *facepalms* thanks, elf maiden. I thought I was going crazy.

  • It was wayyyy too easy! But, then again, I have read each book and watched each movie at least 4 times. Oh, and xxblutixx, there are 3 goal posts, on each side!

    elf maiden
  • 0%
    Exactly accurate. Thank you. [:

  • It was a bit too easy, though I got 80% because I thought there were 3 goal posts in Quidditch O.o


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