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  • i think you should definitely talk to your parents about this and let them know that you threw up and everything. you probably have some anxiety or stress, so try to take your mind off things by doing something you enjoy. I also think you should go see a doctor. if you at least let someone know, they can help you get this under control. I really hope you feel better:)

  • The random crying is probably just your hormones. A lot of teens have that problem. Also, feeling so axious could be because you don't sleep enough. (I don't know how much you sleep, but if it is less then 7 hours, you must sleep more), if that doesn't work, you should follow DaughterOfApollo's advice.

  • You might be having panic attacks, my dad has it, and he takes medicine for it. You should tell your parents and ask if they can take you to the doctor to find out what's causing this. You could just be paranoid or have a lot of anxiety. The best thing to do is go to the doctor.

  • I think that you need a psychologist. If you can't get one, at least tell your parents or someone in your family. You could also go to a doctor, like DaughterOfApollo said.

  • I think you feel bored or lonely. That you need someone to talk to, not your family, but a friend. Don't worry, it'll fade away.

  • You should go to a Doctor. You may be sick with something. I'll pray for you.


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