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  • What type of SODA are you?
    [published: Feb 15, 2013, 1 comment]

    Have you ever wonder what type of soda you are? Well i never did! I have only two options to chose…

  • Which tekken guy loves you?
    [published: Feb 14, 2013]

    Do you like tekken? Because I do! Wait, who actually reads this? If I was you, I would probably get…

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  • Who am I?
    "I'm in high school (15 years old) and I get straight A's and got an internship. I realized people now about 'who are you' and 'how are you d..."
  • Please tell me why
    "I lost the majority of my weight (20lbs) in three months. Thank you so much for the article you gave me I will try it out"
  • Please tell me why
    "I'm not sure if it is fat or loose skin, it's probably both. I don't want to get too skinny I just want a stomach without a muffin top"
  • Please tell me why
    "Everyone says I'm skinny. Everyone. But I look at myself everyday and see that I have a muffin top. Why do I have one? I am so disgusted at ..."
  • "Thanks for your response"
  • "So I have now lost 27 lbs and everyone keeps on telling me I am too skinny. I am 5'1 and 105 lbs now. The last time I was on here I asked ab..."
  • can anyone help ?
  • can anyone help ?
    "Thanks for the advice Lione"
  • can anyone help ?
  • can anyone help ?
    "I use a channel called fitness blender. I use four videos of theirs. On Monday,Wednesday, and Friday I use there 45 minute hiit cardio and a..."
  • can anyone help ?
    "So I've now lost 19 lbs. I am currently 5'1 113 lbs and 15 year old girl. I lost the weight but still feel fat. I'm sorry for complaining so..."
  • "I'm starting to give up...I mean of course I'm going to get up and exercise and eat right, but I'm not expecting my lower stomach to go away..."
  • "Well maybe it's from back when I was really over weight? I'm not sure "
  • "Thanks for all the support and recommendations. I began trying to lose weight in May although I didn't exercise so hard. I'm 14 and was 132 ..."
  • "I feel like even though I'm exercising 70-80 minutes a day (cardio,targeting workouts, and weights, not all in one day). I'm also on a diet ..."

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