What's Wrong With Me?!

So lately I have been feeling weird. I've always been shy, but nothing like this. I freak out over every little thing. I just want to go back to normal.

I mean, I don't like strangers, but I have known people my whole life and I feel nervous around them. I only feel myself around my parents and sister I can't even talk to other family without stuttering and feeling stupid.

Created by: Daryl Dixon's Girl

  1. Ok. Please read the top paragraphs!
  2. #1: When I talk to people, even people I've known ,y whole life, I start freaking out that I said or did something stupid.
  3. #2: When I even think about talking to people, I start panicking and feeling sick.
  4. #3: I always worry that I'm going to or did say something that will get me in trouble.
  5. #4: After talking to people I start feeling sick thinking that they are going to remember what I said (even something innocent) and use it against me.
  6. #5: I haven't been eating a lot lately. Even thinking about food makes me sick. I have to completely turn my brain off to be able to eat.
  7. #6: If I feel I did something wrong, I tell my mom about it. She says its ok and not to worry about it, but I still do for weeks.
  8. #7: I worry over stupid little things that shouldn't bother me. And I'm always regretful even if I didn't do or say anything bad.
  9. #8: I wake up in the morning feeling sick for no reason. Yesterday I woke up and threw up for no reason. I was just thinking about one of my friends, started getting nervous, And threw up. I didn't tell anyone.
  10. #9: I start crying for absolutly no reason.
  11. #10: This is the weirdest one. I don't feel comfortable around people I know, so Ive always been imaginative. I make up things in my head that I want to happen. Lately I've been feeling sick when I think about my made up scenarios, or about made up charachters in movies or books.
  12. So what is wrong with me? I'm only fourteen. I just started feeling this way two months ago. I've never been super comfortable around anyone other than my mom, dad, and sister, but I've never felt like this.
  13. Please comment what you think is wrong with me and any advice on what to do. No one knows that I have been feeling this way.

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