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Have you ever wondered what your doing wrong? Do you think you aren't doing anything wrong? Would you want to know the type of person you are or have become?

Well then take this personality and noble quiz. You may be happy with what you are, or you may scowl at what it says you are. Are you ready to take your chance and find out? Be honest with your answers, and chose wisely.

Created by: Ameba
  1. Chose a element.
  2. You found a precious item in a public place. What would you do?
  3. Black or white?
  4. Are you easily changed?
  5. Are you religious?
  6. What color eyes do you have?
  7. Would you let somebody get hurt for you, or would you get hurt for somebody.
  8. Yin, or Yang?
  9. Would you sacrifice yourself to save somebody else?
  10. Have you ever thanked god for everything that you have now?
  11. Do you watch bad Televison shows?
  12. Are you "emo"?
  13. Are you a priest?
  14. Do you curse on a daily basis (be honest).
  15. Are you ready to find out the type of person you are?

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