Do YOU Attrack the Wrong men

Bad boys are out there and many women are affected by them. There are good ones all the same. Some aren't completely evil but just aren't right for you. How do you know?

Are YOU attracted to all the wrong men who use and abuse you? Or do you know all the right moves with your guy? Find out by taking this easy and accurite test!

Created by: greater25 of Soul Training
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  1. Your favorite type of guy is...
  2. A romantic evening would be...
  3. Hook-up or relationship?
  4. Which drink?
  5. Do you want a family?
  6. Ever cheated/ been cheated on?
  7. Which is more important to you
  8. Favorite feature in a guy
  9. Drugs and Alchohl
  10. Goody-two-shoes or criminal

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Quiz topic: Do I Attrack the Wrong men