What rank do you deserve in DE?

This is a quiz that if you answer the questions honestly, it will tell you what rank you deserve in a war group on a game called ROBLOX. The war group's name is DE. (Dominion Empire)

NOTE: If you get a rank higher than what you currently have, showing it to an HR will not be guaranteed to get you promoted, this is just an informational quiz for the HRs.

Created by: eagerdoggy

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  1. Do you have the "Bloxxer" badge?
  2. Do you have the "Veteran" badge?
  3. How many KOs do you have?
  4. How many WOs do you have?
  5. Note: This quiz is to find out what rank you would get in a war group on a game called "ROBLOX".
  6. Another note: This quiz was made by eagerdoggy and can be used by DE members to find what rank they should have.
  7. Who is the emperor of DE? As of 9/7/2014.
  8. How many trainings have you been to?
  9. How many raids have you been in?
  10. How many raids have you been in when DE wins?

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Quiz topic: What rank do I deserve in DE?