Koala Job Center in GoToQuiz Edition!

Hi, This test is to help you go become Trainee in the roblox Game Koala Cafe, I want people to enjoy helping others! So I made this for non-Trainees That want to be Trainees

This is pretty much how to become a Trainee in the game, People want to be a Koala, a worker or a LR (Low Rank) MR (Middle Rank) HR ( High Rank) So that's why I made this.

Created by: Flash Stryker of FlashStrykeUSA
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  1. Fix this Phrase : He, Welcom3 t0 JoalJ C4f3. H0w may I 431p you?
  2. How do you Deal with Trollers
  3. Earning 50 points you can rank up to cashier or attend trainings at every 6pm
  4. You should address other people as Ma'am or Sir
  5. What do you do when someone makes an order?
  6. Do you understand that you be nice to other players?
  7. Do you know that not listening to rules can promote you?
  8. Do you ask questions for when you are confused.
  9. You should always use Grammar
  10. You should help customers in need!

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