What Dragonwood Rank Are You?

There are many ranks in the Clan, called Dragonwood. The ranks basically make up the clan as a whole. They help keep everything in order and sometimes bring people down.

Now, what RANK ARE YOU? Meaning, what rank in Dragonwood would you most classify yourself as? I mean, would you call yourself a Sage? Warlord? Gallant? Knight? Squire? Or maybe none of these. Maybe your just a random noob, taking quiz's.

Created by: Cody
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  1. If you were in a war, or a pkri and were getting piled. What would you do?
  2. Do you like Pokemans?
  3. When you first applied to the Clan. Did you leave out the question where you had to copy and paste the sentence at the bottem of the rules section?
  4. When someone pisses you off, What do you usually do?
  5. When you ask people to Download Teamspeak. How do you get their attention?
  6. Who's Hotter? Jack? Evie? Or Tom?
  7. When an offical asks you to come to a Pk trip, or a war. What do you do?
  8. What do you think of this Quiz?
  9. Well. BYE LOOZAHS.

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Quiz topic: What Dragonwood Rank am I?