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  • Your Result: Suspension 58%

    Unfortunatel y because you failed to be in a school sport and you don't take school spirit seriously, there isn't any real bribe left that you can possibly give to the school after you have beaten up that other student for his lunch money. Those forbidden magazines aren't helping you either so the only thing left to do, is to give you a forced vacation away from the school so you can't cause any more trouble for the next month congratulations my friend you are suspended.

    44% Expulsion
    40% Lunch Time Detention
    26% The Cain
    26% Saturday Detention Community Service
    0% After School Detention

  • our Result: Expulsion
    i can be REALLY bad when i want 66%

    Well it looks like your too cool for school on this one literately, nothing seems to be working and teachers would much prefer to quit than to be in your presence, right now teachers every where are wondering why corporal punishment was removed from schools in the first place and whether or not they have enough money to move to FIJI permanently, in the hope that they never have to teach anyone like you again. Well they may have ordered you to leave but with a bit of luck they will never quite forget you.

    Suspension 50%
    The Cain 26%
    Saturday Detention Community Service 22%
    After School Detention 20%
    Lunch Time Detention

  • I don't actually hate school, I took this quiz for fun just to keep myself active. I love my school spirit, the pep rally is soon in my school and the reason why I like it is because early dismissal. I'm not saying the results are bad or anything, I personally think this is a great quiz. Thank you!

  • I got spanked by my teacher with the cane but when I got home I got spanked by my brother 150 times with the whip

  • The cane I'm in Illinois so I'm pretty sure school spanking is allowed

  • Guys I took this test at school an I freaked out bc I got the cane now the teacher will spank me with it

  • I live in England, and I don't know what school spirit is, what is it?

  • There is no room for good kids

  • The Cain?!?!?!!!!! What the even heck??!?!?!!!!!!!!! ?!!!!MMM!!!


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