What Punishment do you deserve

Have you ever wondered what punishment you truly deserve, do you believe that you were treated unfairly when you were at school, or perhaps your still at school wondering what would happen if I made those decisions... well thankfully there's a quiz that just might answer your questions about what punishment do you truly deserve.

Wouldn't it be cool if you knew what would happen to you before you made a bad move, well here's a quiz that might just help you do that, in fact you never know the experience might be better than you think who will be getting the last word will it be you or your teachers.

Created by: Philip Cheng
  1. In order to make your self infamous in school would you
  2. What sounds more familiar when a teacher says "shouldn't you be in class instead of running around?"
  3. Which subject did you do best in
  4. If you see a kid that's younger than you getting being teased and bullied do you
  5. When traveling on a bus do you
  6. When confronted with another student do you
  7. School Spirit translates to me as
  8. I did my high school certificate at a
  9. Which was your favorite teen high school movie
  10. When given a punishment do you

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Quiz topic: What Punishment do I deserve