Whats punishment should you get! By carys

You’ve ben bad! I can tell already, come to see your punishment spankings? Wedgies, time-outs, we have it all! But don’t test your luck and just let it happen!

If you don’t do your assigned punishment you will be given 100 slaps on the bottom with a charging cord bent in half. So I say it’s better to just obey the rules and stay clear

Created by: Carys

  1. What I say you’re age
  2. Do you think your naughty
  3. Are oh sorry for what you did (be honest please)
  4. What punishment do you think you deserve? (It’s not option based)
  5. What did you do
  6. Do I deserve what’s coming?
  7. Area you mad at who made you do this
  8. Why did you do what you did
  9. Who is making you do this
  10. Please press answer A

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Quiz topic: Whats punishment should I get! By carys