[Quiz Title Here]the big punishment Quiz

Ok so you have ben being very bad at school and and home very bad for your mum and your dad and your friends and your clan and you need to get punishment

This Quiz is to help 1 people who have ben being very bad at school and at home and in ther clan to ther family and friends and need to get a punishment but do not No what punishment wood do it say what TRUE in your answers and this Quiz can get you the best punishment

Created by: Victoryleo

  1. What age r you
  2. Do you have a ps4
  3. Y r you doing this Quiz
  4. Do you play fortnight
  5. Who is going to be punishing you
  6. Have you had a spanking be4
  7. What punishments have you had be4 and what 1s work best for you
  8. Y r you going to be punishd
  9. How r you to your kids
  10. How r you normal
  11. Do you ge punishments a lot
  12. R you a boy or girl or a man or awman
  13. What punishment wood you say you need

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