Do you deserve to live or die?

Some people deserves to live, some other to die, people does not even know unless they played this quiz, however its another BIG proof like in "Are you a YouTube lover?" because there are questions that are about your life (and some even from other people).

Do you deserve to live? Do you deserve to die? Find out here! You need to know because maybe you never known if you deserve to live or die, remember, the proof is BIG!

Created by: Lucas

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you do when a bank its closed in the night?
  2. Did you join the war to make Dreth's (JamesTrockman, no not the official one) channel closed?
  3. Do you love Super Mario Bros?
  4. Do you love Annoying Orange?
  5. Do you love Smosh?
  6. Do you love SM64 Bloopers?
  7. Do you hate your family?
  8. Do you love your creativity?
  9. Do you hate your house?
  10. (ONLY MALES QUESTION) Do you love your dog?

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Quiz topic: Do I deserve to live or die?