What Princess Pony Are You?

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Have you ever wondered?Have you ever thought?Who you would be in mlp?Well Here's Your Chance!welcome to my most favorite awesome quiz yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Imagine you could the powerful beautiful celestia...maybe?or the loving kind hearted cadence...maybe?luna the one we once loved and feared is amazing..she could be you?maybe even the friendship princess,twilight sparkle,the one everyone loves!Who could you be?

Created by: Kitty!
  1. best trait(A.K.A personality)
  2. how many friends do you have?
  3. how do your friends describe you?
  4. Do you have a sibling
  5. Whats your favorite style of music?
  6. Whats your favorite mlp character?
  7. if you were a pony,and you could have any princess as a friend who would it be?
  8. whats your favourite time?
  9. who do like the most?
  10. Finally,who do you think you'll get?

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Quiz topic: What Princess Pony am I?