Name That Equestrian Pony!!

Hello! My name is Princess Twilight Sparkle. I created this quiz for you to test you on your knowlage of my home. Who is clever enough to take the title?

Do you think you know all about Equestria? Do you think you knwo as much as me? Take this Pony Master quiz to find out! Good luck & have a fun time taking the quiz!

Created by: Princess Twilight Sparkle

  1. Who is the best doctor in Equestria?
  2. What ponys name means "candy" in French?
  3. What is Princess Cadence & Shining Armor's future baby's name?
  4. How many princesses are there in Equestria?
  5. What color are Derpy Hooves eyes?
  6. What is an alicorn?
  7. What is Princess Cadence's purpose in Equestria?
  8. Who attacted the Crystal Empire?
  9. Why did Sunset Shimmer leave Equestria?
  10. What was the name of the creature who wanted to rule Equestria?

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