Which mane six are you?

If you are a pony fan, I am sure you have an idea of who you think is best pony and which you would want to be your bestie. You may have wondered which pony reflects you as a friend. For me, I am like Fluttershy. My best friends are like Pinkie Pie and Twilight. But which describes YOU?

But it's hard to find quizzes around that aren't based on your favorite color or the sound of your voice. This quiz show the really mane six you, and which magical element of harmony your heart truly belongs in. Just by taking this simple short quiz, you could find out!

Created by: Cocococococococo
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How girly are you?
  2. Which are you most likely to nickname your closest friend?
  3. Role play time: you see two of your bffs arguing over something silly that you know will get them nowhere. What do you say to keep the peace?
  4. Oh no! It was no good and now they've started to use violence! What do you do?
  5. Your friends have stopped fighting but they are upset. How do you cheer them up?
  6. Your friends felt bad about fighting so they worked together to knit you a sweater they want you to wear tomorrow. However, it's really ugly! What do you say?
  7. RP over: did you like that part?
  8. Which is your favorite subject?
  9. Least favorite?
  10. Which would you rather be?
  11. Pick a face:
  12. Studio Ghibli movie?
  13. Your greatest obstacle:
  14. Goodbye now ^_^

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Quiz topic: Which mane six am I?