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  • there arent enough pokemon any this was obviously made by some 6th grader in school... not cool srry

    JohnDoe10 Nov 8 '18, 10:53AM
  • I got charmander

    Infernape kill Jun 17 '15, 2:40PM
  • CHARMANDER!!I'm going to burn all the grass types!!!!!!HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA!!!

    fighter May 25 '15, 7:51AM
  • Oh I forgot eevee isn't black and white

    Wolfe_Leader Apr 7 '15, 2:10AM
  • I got charmander DANGIT I WANTED A EEVEE *smashes the table*

    Wolfe_Leader Apr 7 '15, 2:07AM
  • YEEAAAAH I GOT CHARMENDER (did i said that right?)

    Kibry9001 Apr 3 '15, 2:25AM
  • I got Jigglypuff. It's accurate and humiliating. Jugglypuff really?

    dakotakn Dec 7 '14, 7:44PM
  • Charmander!! I love fire-type pokemon... but not as much as I love water-type. I wanted squirtle.

    Kevie Jul 3 '14, 12:15PM
  • squiltle 88% ...(i spell that wrong?)

    pat2 May 26 '14, 2:24AM
  • squiltle 88% ...(i spell that wrong?)

    pat2 May 26 '14, 1:25AM
  • Charmander. I usually identify with Grovyle.

    Selena112 Jan 3 '13, 3:38PM
  • i got charmander which has an accurate description of me, but im not to sure that it suits a charmander.

    secret8 Jun 15 '12, 2:48PM
  • I don't believe that I'm a charamander... I think i'm more of an Ice pokemon, like that one legendary ice bird...

    CyanSnake May 14 '12, 10:06PM
  • Charmander! :D

    PurpleCherries May 2 '12, 8:32PM
  • Am I the only one that got psyduck? ._.

    KillaSydney Apr 27 '12, 3:27PM
  • Got vulpix...hex yeh

    Scorpion381697 Apr 10 '12, 5:20PM
  • I finally got charmander.

    Flare820 Jan 18 '12, 8:08PM
  • hm. . im mostly a dragon pokemon (flygon because im elegeant yet caring smart and strong)

    emeraldiguana Sep 26 '11, 9:01PM
  • ok i dont think i am charizard

    bunnys312 Aug 17 '11, 7:33PM
  • DUDE!!! Charmander describes me 100% i love this quiz

    Ithorian Jun 28 '11, 8:11PM
  • Charmander, I do care for friends more than myself. I really only have one real friend offline......

    Aiza Jun 15 '11, 10:12PM
  • hell yeah! i got squirtle! most accurate quiz ever!

    fart May 18 '11, 10:33PM

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