What matters! Love story part 1

This is a story about what matters most to you. but it is a story!!!!! you might end up with Love,Life,Friendship or family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have 2 best friends and in you slowley start to get more! Zach:Blond hair and blue eyes Ben:Red hair and green eyes Collin:Black hair and grey eyes And Ty.

Created by: singin234

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  1. Ok before we start. ? means youre name! If you are a boy plz leave. this is for girls!! youre 15 in this quiz! You have a older bro (Bro means brother!) called Mac he is 17! Now on with the quiz!!!
  2. You wake up at 7am. Its going to be a long day. you think because you are still a bit sleepley. You get dressed in you school uniform and go go drown to youre mum. Thats yelling at youre bro. "Aw mum! i am sorry" he say. Your Mum looks at him and gives him a hug.Since youre mum back is faceing you he looks over her shoulder and smiles at you. He wasnt sorry at all. You roll you eyes as you eat. After youre ready the bus comes.
  3. You hop on the bus to see youre best friend Violet waveing and saying " ? over here!" you walk over to violet and sit down " Hey violet!" you say as you sit down. She starts to say " ? i would like you to meet..." When a guy with Red hair and Green eyes says as he puts his head bewteen yours and violets " HEY i am Ben! You must be violets friend ?" You stare at violet she was showing off a bit!! She tucked her red hair back belind her ear. you guys talk for a bit when one of bens friends Collin hop on the bus. Ben waved him over to sit next to him. Collin had Black hair and grey eyes.
  4. Collin sat next to the window he look out it as ben said " Hes not the talking type you see!" Violet laughed as you just look at him. Violets red hair coved her green eyes. She went to push it back when Ben siad "Dont! let me!" So Violet let him. you move to where Ben was. Violet and Ben started to kiss. you just looked away to find out Collin was looking at you.
  5. You and Collin dont talk all you said to him was Hi my name is ?. And that was it. Finaley youre at school you grab youre bag and then rush off the bus. In the hall you run into someone. "Sorry" You say as you try to get up. You fall back drown then you look up to see
  6. A guy with brown hair and Blue,green and grey mixed eyes. "Hi my names is Ty!Whats youres?" He asks You say youre name. He smiles and hands you a pice of papper.As he helps you up! "Next time wach as you walk! You might get hurt or people might yell at you!! Oh and called me when you want to have fun!!" Then he walk off. you were about to say I dont have you number! But he was gone! you open to find
  7. you go to youre locker when jocks come running down the hall. one of them nocks you over then keeps running. "Ow" you say
  8. A Jock comes up to you. he has blond hair and blue eyes. "Sorry about that!! you ok?? That was Dylan! hes a jeck!" The Jock says You nod and say "Whats a jeck??" He helps you up and says " My word for a loser!!" You both laugh. Dylan was youre best friends! You helped him make the team. And he was a jeck!
  9. The jock says "I am Zach!!" you are about to tell him youre name when the bell for class goses!"Bye" he says when runs off
  10. Thats it for part one!!!! sorry and Bye

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