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  • I seem to have gotten poisonous, its not accurate but it isnt as wrong either. My parents have very high standards, I don't get any say in any topic, Im fairly tired of working all day but all my parents say to me is that my only purpose is studying because i dont make myself useful in this household- don't get me wrong, I still love my parents and Ive had better moments. But when it comes to this type of stuff Im not sure on what to do

  • Poisonous is perfect. That is exactly what my mom is. Toxic as hell and she makes my life a living hell every single day. Matter of fact, she's yelling at me right now while I'm writing this. It's like she doesn't care about my dreams and takes any chance to throw me to the ground and beat me up. Literally. And it's not like I can tell anyone about my life.

  • i got poisonous and yea my family is toxic like the other day my dead beat dad came to my house with a gun like that screams toxic i am so tired of my mom thinking im going to be perfect, she found out i cut myself and just yelled at me and i cant tell my friends because there lives are perfect.

  • Perfect quiz! Spicy sooo describes my household. Love is always with us, and when I am gone at rodeos, horse shows, or Granny's, my family always loves on me when I get home. Even my little bro who sometimes cries when I'm gone. He is also a pain in the ass, so I sometimes like to be by myself!

    Anyways....GREAT QUIZ!

    Rodeo Chic
  • That was a cool quiz! Haven't seen anything like that, the description was totally true for me. (Although I don't think spicy was the right word... :P)

    Thanks for putting this out there!

  • I got poisoned. I thought having a crap living environment was normal...

    • Yeah, I got the same result. Its hard for me to believe people ACTUALLY have warm, welcoming, and accepting families.

      Brenda is here
    • I know right. My mom is SO toxic and I have no dad. Life is BADDD!!!

  • Spicy...SO right!

    We all have our own scedules, we don't really know who will be home and when, that kinda thing.

    Cool Quiz! I Havent really seen any qizzes like this.

    Princess Bigfoot
  • Of cites I'm sweet!

  • I got stale

  • great quiz!

  • i completey agree with DOGCATWORLD

    • I got stale but in reality on day we can be sweet the next poisoned ,my mom starts leaving the house house more often at night and thanks to 2 years of holding back insults,tears and anger at them I have become an excellent actress


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