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  • This was completely inaccurate. I tend to go for the over-protective, aggressive gangstas who run s---. NOT the "sensitive, good listener" pansies.

  • This quiz was COMPLETELY WRONG!!! It said I would like Emo's and Skaters and that is completely wrong...not that I have problems with them...cuz they are cute but I'm just NOT into them, this quiz gets 1/2 a star out of...A MILLION!!

  • inaccuarate

    comple tely i go for the emo,punk skaters not the preps/jocks or show offs. same 1/2 stars out of a million

  • You said geeks. But I don't I tend to go for skinny populars

    Cleo and dilly
  • this quiz was unaccurate. it said i would like emos and punks. i like skaters and jocks xD

    Too me

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