what kind of guy is right for you?

if you like guys and don't know what you want then this is so for you! find out what guys attract you and what you need to do to get rid of your dud and pick up the cutie down the street! you'll finally know what you want and need!

do you want to know what you want? do you need to know what your soul mate will be like? then hurry up and take this quiz befor it's too late!!!!! and be sure to make every answer perfect! it could mean commitment!

Created by: shannon
  1. do you like piercings?
  2. do you like tattoos?
  3. blonde or brunette?
  4. tall or short?
  5. fat or skinny?
  6. do you find funny guys attractive?
  7. do you regularly date older guys?
  8. have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?
  9. are you a virgin?
  10. have YOU ever been cheated on?
  11. are you romantic?
  12. what color eyes?
  13. long hair or short hair?
  14. do you like experienced guys?
  15. what's your ideal date?
  16. do you like sk8ers?
  17. are you high maintenence?
  18. how do you feel on mororcycles?
  19. chocolate or vanilla?
  20. woul u ever sleep with him on the first date?
  21. how long would you wait until you slept with him?
  22. would you know his birthday by the first date?
  23. do you like listeners?

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