Which Martini Are You?

What kind of Martini are you? Are you an aquired taste? Does everyone like you? Are you a homebody? Find out which Martini is your best bet...or which Martini you'd like to become!

A martini choice can say a lot about a person. A bartender knows what kind of partier you are, what kind of family person you are and what kind of personality you have just by the drink you order. Enjoy the quiz...remember, it's all in good fun people. Happy drinking!

Created by: Rachel
  1. How many jobs have you had in your life?
  2. Have you ever had a one night stand?
  3. What is your ideal Friday night out?
  4. What does Saturday morning usually hold for you?
  5. What is your idea of a perfect first date?
  6. What is a typical Thanksgiving like for you?
  7. A cute new guy/girl started at your office...how do you react?
  8. You typically turn the radio to which type of music?
  9. Where do you shop for clothes?
  10. How many friends do you have on MySpace?

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Quiz topic: Which Martini am I?