What Kind of Person Are YOU?

There are more kinds of people n the world then there are colors. Each individual is unique, all people need is a little boost to find out what kind of unique they are!

What kind of person d oyou think YOU are? It may not be perfect, but taking this quiz will at least give you a general idea about what kind of unique you are!

Created by: Samantha

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you speak with someone, what is your body language?
  2. What kind of dreams do you have?
  3. What's your favorite animal?
  4. What color would you say describes your personality?
  5. What kind of outfit would you wear to a formal event?
  6. You would love to eat...
  7. You hear about some terrible abuse going on in a Pet Store, you react by...
  8. On the weekend you find yourself...
  9. In one word, how would you describe your life?
  10. What kind of t.v. shows do you watch?
  11. Which of these symbols most descibes you?
  12. Whih of these jobs do you believe would best suit you?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Person am I?