what kind of a person are you ?

Want to know how people feel about you ? Take this quiz to find out ! Figure out people's inner feelings of you ! People might say , 'You're a good friend' , or 'you're a nice person' , but who knows ? that might just be something which makes you feel happy alone. Words accomplish nothing, find out your real personality , know what people's been thinking about you !

Although this quiz may not be really accurate , it gives you an idea how people truly felt about you . Learn to be a better person, Live a better life ! Correct your wrong ways, get more friends. In just afew minutes, you'll find yourself what kind of person you are ! Goodluck with the quiz ! ((:

Created by: candybaby
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  1. Do you talk to strangers ?
  2. Are you well liked by people around me ?
  3. when there's something you really want , what do you do ?
  4. If there's someone who hates you , what do you do ?
  5. If someone who is not as good (not good looking, have illnesses, wheelchair-ed,etc) requests to be your friend , what would you do ?
  6. If someone asks you to do something which you dont want to do (Accompanies to see teacher, Copy notes for him/her while away) , what would you do ?
  7. If someone bullys you in school , what would you do ?
  8. If someone betrays you , and asks for an apology , how will you react ?
  9. If someone's prettier/more handsome then you, how would u feel ?
  10. whad kind of people do you hate ?
  11. Hmm .. so .. how do you find this test ?

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Quiz topic: What kind of a person am I ?