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  • cool, sweet hottie. wait, that seems off. . . i usually attract really good, childhood friends who are a year younger, and good guy bullies. see, these two guys were both so good to me, but as soon as i left, it was (for the first) kicking girls and laughing, saying, "ha! i kicked a girl! (yea, that resulted in him getting kicked by the girl and her saying, "ha! so did i!") and (for the second) getting suspended for slamming another boy around the room, choking him. so, yea. how do i get all the weird ones?! i mean, the childhood best friend is nice and stuff, but he can be a little. . . stubborn, lets put it that way.

  • The mysterious one. I was sort of hoping for the sweet hottie, but I must admit all of the mysterious ones are ALWAYS attracted to me. name is right. you PHYSCIC!

  • Mysterious one, yeah that sounds about right.

  • the mysterious one: *scream* - so true! you PHYSCIC! :)


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