What kind of girl are you?

Girls are the support of humanity. Without us, men would be totally lost. Now it's your time to shine in this quiz of mine. See just how girly you are!

So what kind of girl are YOU? Are you the queen of the mall? Do you like pink? Do you faint when you see mice and cute boots? Know this and more when you take my quiz!

Created by: Grace
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  1. First of all, are you a girl?
  2. Would you faint if you saw a mouse?
  3. Would you faint if you saw a pair of cute boots?
  4. What's your favorite could of these three?
  5. Would you care if you got your favorite clothes muddy?
  6. What would you be most likely to wear in winter?
  7. Now how about summer?
  8. Do you wear a ton of make-up?
  9. What would you do if you were shopping at a mall, and someone took an amazing cream colored cashmere sweater you were about to take?
  10. Would you consider yourself the queen of the mall?
  11. Pick one.

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Quiz topic: What kind of girl am I?