What kind of b!tch are you?

This is a quiz about how b!tchy you are. i think you all know what it is, so I guess there's nothing left to say. Blah blah blah blah blah. This quiz will tell you how b!tchy you are... blah blah blah

Everyone has a bad side, but how dominant is yours? Are you not-so-bad, kind of bad, normal, pretty bad, or a bad@ss b!tch? But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!" :)

Created by: amazon

  1. GIRLS ONLY>> You're at a party & you see a girl wearing the same dress as you. You:
  2. DUDES ONLY>> You're at a party when you see strong looking dude feeling up on your girl. You:
  3. You see an older kid pushing your kid down & they kid's parents aren't doing anything about it. You:
  4. You're at a restaurant & the waiter gives you the wrong dish. You:
  5. You are at your neighbors house chatting when one of them starts hatin on your favorite basketball team. You:
  6. Do you laugh at other people's misfortune?
  7. You're driving when someone cuts in front of you. You:
  8. Someone says, "Go burn in hell." What do you say?
  9. How do you think you'll die?
  10. You & your friend are being chased by a man with an axe. Your friend trips. Knowing that if you help him up, you have an 80% chance of being killed, while if you run away, you have a 60% higher chance of living, do you help him?
  11. What disorder do you have//Think you have//Most likely have compared to the rest?
  12. What kind of b!tch do you think you are?
  13. Do you cuss?
  14. Are you ready for your answer?

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Quiz topic: What kind of b!tch am I?