What is your pokemon?

I want to be the very best,Like no one ever was.To catch them is my real test,To train them is my cause!(I will travel across the land,Searching far and wide.Each Pokemon to understandThe power that's inside!)Pokemon!Gotta catch em' all!It's you and me,I know it's my destiny!Pokemon!Oh, you're my best friend,In a world we must defend!Pokemon!Gotta catch em' all!(A heart so true,Our courage will pull us through!)You teach me and I'll teach you,Po-ke-mon!Gotta catch em' all!Gotta catch em' all!Every challenge along the way,With courage I will face!I will battle every day,To claim my rightful place!Come with me, the time is right,There's no better team!Arm in arm, we'll win the fight,It's always been our dream!Pokemon!Gotta catch em' all!It's…

Now your pokemon will arrive in 1 to two weeks sometimes it take years and years but it will come eventually you will be a master and battle me one day!So the best of luck to you all!

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  1. What is you favorite pokemon?
  2. Your fave picachou
  3. What pokemon do you WANT?
  4. What will you feed it?
  5. Did you read the comics,books,or the show
  6. This will not effect your results but what type do you want
  8. Do you want all pokemon or one pokemon
  9. Sun or Moon
  10. 100 or 2000

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Quiz topic: What is my pokemon?