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Flint: Pewter City is grey, the color of stone. My name is Flint, and you're sitting on my merchandise, young man. Ash: You sell rocks? Flint: Pewter City souveneirs, you want to buy some? Ash: No thanks. I'm traveling trying to become a Pokemon trainer. Flint: Well, your Pokemon is in bad shape. Come on, I'll take you to the Pokemon center. Ash: He seems like a nice guy. Misty: Are you sure? Flint: By the way, that'll be a two dollar charge for resting on my rock.

pokemon let's do it I wanna be the very best Like no-one ever was (ever was ever was) To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause My whole life is meant to this Time to test my skills I know I just cant miss To show the world Born to be a winner (JOHTO!) Born to be a champion Born to be a winner Born be the very best (POKEMON JOHTO!) Born to be a winer POKEMON!

Created by: Cool person
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  1. How many regions are there?
  2. How many Generations are there?
  3. How many types are there?
  4. How many pokemon are there in total?
  5. How many different pokeballs are there? (including generation 5)
  6. Who (in Gold & Silver)makes balls with apricorns?
  7. What instrument did you recieve through mystery gift, to summon Arceus in Diamond, Pearl & Platnium?
  8. In total how many badges are there? (5th Gen included)
  9. How many gym leaders are there in the 5th Gen (Black and White)
  10. What's the name of the Black and White anime?
  11. Can Diagla and Palika learn Aura Sphere?

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