What is your Patronus? (Harry Potter)

This quiz is for all fans of Harry Potter. Have you ever been curious as to what your patronus would be? Then take this quiz to properly identify which animal you identify yourself with.

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Do you love animals? Then take this fun quiz to determine what your patronus would be. This quiz is not only fun, its also informative as you begin to learn what your animal would be.

Created by: Jonathon Postwright
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  1. One day, while playing a friendly game of Quidditch, Malfoy interrupts your game by stunning an innocent player. You react by:
  2. While walking to Hogsmeade with some close friends, you notice that there seems to be someone following you suspiciously. What do you do?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. What is your ideal job?
  5. What house do you belong to?
  6. Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character?
  7. What character do you most despise?
  8. What was your favorite Harry Potter book?
  9. While walking down Diagon Alley, a measly peasant asks you for a mere Galleon. You:
  10. After falling ill and going to the sick ward, Madam Pomfrey suggests that you spend the night to ensure that you heal properly. You:

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Quiz topic: What is my Patronus? (Harry Potter)